Suka Pinakurat™®©

Suka Pinakurat™®© is a famous brand name of an established and well-loved of Blended Spiced Natural Coconut Sap Vinegar (Or Spiced Vinegar). 

Products can become so popular, that often the distinction between brand and product names can be blurred to some people who do not know any better. Examples would be softdrinks= coke, toothpaste=colgate, photocopy = xerox, Dye=Jobos (Joe Bush)

Spiced Vinegar has been around much longer than Suka Pinakurat™®©. In Iligan we call it “Lasa”.For the Ilonggos they call this Sinamak. In Ilocandia they call this Inartem nga Sili. In General Filipinos call this as “Sukang Sawsawan”, or “Spiced Vinegar”.

Green Gold Gourmet has always been pro-active in enforcing its trademark. As soon as we discover usage of our trademarks, we confront the user, and employ convincing measures for them to use another name. Kindly refer to the IP Enforcement Page for more details. 

Rene Jose B. Stuart del Rosario Sr., a true son of Iligan City. 

The main ingredient of the Suka Pinakurat™®© is fermented coconut sap locally known as “sukang tuba” and bird’s eye chilies “labuyo” that are harvested from the wild mountains of Iligan, Lanao del Norte, Lanao del Sur and Misamis Oriental. These key ingredients are organically grown, with the chilies being farmed by mother nature. Other ingredients are spices such as Garlic, Onion, Ginger, and Sweet Peppers. 

In the humble kitchen of Mr. Rene Stuart del Rosario in Pala-o Iligan City. 

Suka Pinakurat™®© has no meat in it. It was only coined after a very local dish that contained meat. 

None at all. It has no meaning as with regard to the product. “Kurat” means “surprise”, which can be attributed to persons and not things such as vinegar. 

Suka Pinakurat™®© and the rest of the vinegar line is available at leading supermarkets nationwide. Kindly visit our Store Locator.

For the Suka Pinakurat™®© vinegar line, we have contractual agreements with Distributors. The distributors sell to the supermarkets. We do not engage with wholesalers, sellers or resellers. 


Pauly is the nickname of the creator of Paul C. Stuart del Rosario. He is a bit on the heavy side…hence the name. 

No. It only means it is not been made by machines as compared to large commercial brewers. 

The logo took inspiration from the mannequin piss, the symbol of the City of Brussels. Brussels is a City in Belgium, well known for having the best Ales and lagers in the world, and for having one of the most diverse and dynamic beer-drinking culture in the world. 

Beer has long been arguably invented/discovered during the medieval times, starting with such styles as ancient ales, up until the discovery of the most sought after lager style.

Over the years, Lager has been the beer of choice of the manufacturers, who made beer a commercial success. They thrive in using the most economically efficient ingredients, using the most economically efficient manufacturing process. 99% of Beer being sold over the world in commercial quantities is Lager.

Fat Pauly’s™® does not make Lager alone. It sticks to its European Roots, with Filipino and Mindanaoan Flair. Being Craft, we do not put emphasis on “economically efficient”. We do not compromise on the quality of ingredients and the method of manufacture.

As such we make a variety of Ales, Sours (Wild Fermentation), Stouts, Porters and Lagers in very small batches, the old-fashioned way. 

We really have very little Capital, and to buy the Equipment and set it up would cost a real fortune. We manufactured our own equipment, and we are very proud of it. Proudly made by Green Gold Gourmet in Iligan City, Philippines. 

The Regulars                                                 ABV   IBU     SRMIligan Pale Ale                     5.5     36       7Ilaya IPA                               6.5     60       7Lumad Steam Lager             5.5     36       12Diwata White Wheat Ale           5.0     11       4Sultan Coffee Stout              7.8     25       45 The Specials :  From time to time, small batches are prepared for Craft Ales and Lagers which are not on the regular product list. Some of these are as follows:                                                     ABV   IBU     SRMTrigo Hefeweizen                  5.0     12       3Govinda Imperial IPA              9.2     73       6Arancillo Durian Porter               7.6     29       11Trinitary Chocolate Stout           6.7     18       30Mbaba Extra Brut Double IPA  8.8     55       3.4Irish Lager                                6.0     28       23Dutch Lager                            5.2     20       5Munich Lager                         5.3     20       2Dark Celtic                               8.2     21       7Guava Lambic                         4.6     11       12Dessert Rose                          4.9     15       65Flanders Red                          6.2     15       15Neipa                                         5.4     45       4.4Terminator Doppelbock             8.2     20       22Rockport 10                            9.0     22       31

ABV means Alcohol By Volume. It is the Percentage of alcohol present in the Brew.

IBU means International Bittering Unit. The higher the value the more bitter the taste of the brew.

SRM means Standard Reference Method. The higher the value the darker the color.

Where do we buy?

Fat Pauly’s™® Hand-crafted Ales and lagers is available in draft at Fat Pauly’s™® Craft Beer Pub in Iligan City, and in partner pubs in Zamboanga, Butuan and Bohol. The Fat Pauly’s™® Taproom in Iligan is currently closed, but is expected to be rebuilt at G3 Business Park in Luinab, Iligan City. In the meantime, there will be pop-up events in restaurants and bars within the city once in a while. Visit the Fat Pauly’s™® Facebook page for updates.

Bottled Craft Beer for take-away are available at the Suka Pinakurat Saw-saw shop at 005 Sparrow Rd., Isabel Village, Pala-o, Iligan City. Tel No: 063 221 9700.

Delisario™ Craft Meats

Delisario™ is a coined word from “Deli” and “del Rosario”.

Deli is the short word for Decatessen, which has its ancient roots from the the latin adjective “Delicatus” meaning Giving Pleasure, Delightful, Pleasing”.

Del Rosario is part of the family name of the Stuart del Rosario Family. 

European Technology, Minadanaoan Flair. 

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